Observation Data

Using atmospheric data here we will study both the Hadley Cell in  the tropics and the turbulent Eddy Circulation  in the middle latitudes.

Read the following notes:
Heat and Moisture Transport Atmosphere
Potential temperature

Hadley Cell – tropics

Relevant climatological fields can be plotted using the EsGlobe interface (use Climatologies/Atmosphere tab).
Plot zonally averaged fields of temperature, potential temperature, meridional wind , vertical wind and zonal wind and discuss evidence of the Hadley Circulation.

The relationship between horizontal temperature gradient and vertical wind shear is described here: Thermal wind.

To estimate the meridional energy transport by the Hadley Cell use the following schematics: heat transport and moisture transport.

A visualization of the Hadley Cell shifting between seasons can be found here: a-breathing-earth.

A summary of the Hadley Cell project can be found in Hadley Cell Virtual Lab  (and accompanying paper: Virtually Enhanced Fluid Laboratories for Teaching Meteorology) .

Eddy Circulation – middle latitudes

Discussion of the eddy heat transport can be found  in
Weather in a tank- atmosphere Eddies
Instructions for plotting transient heat fluxes

Satellite images – showing the mid-latitude weather systems:
Polar view (PSU)
Antartica view (SSEC)