12.307 Weather and Climate Laboratory

Welcome to our Institute laboratory in which you will engage in hands on projects exploring the science that underlies weather, climate and climate change in the context of key global environmental challenges.

You will learn about the science of climate, how to deal with noisy imperfect data, how to write reports (you can satisfy your CI-M writing requirement through 12.307) whilst honing your ability to speak in public.

This year we will explore the following projects:

  1. Weather and Extremes – blizzards and hurricanes
  2. Tracer Transport – aerosols, atmospheric pollution and plastic in the ocean
  3. Heat and Moisture Transport – the general circulation of the atmosphere
  4. Dig Deeper – review the previous three projects and dig deeper.

We meet Tuesday and Thursday 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm, in Room 54-1623 of the Green Building.

Contact Lodovica Illari or John Marshall for more information.

Writing Instructor: Jane Abbott (54-1026)
TAs: Mukund Gupta (54-1519) and Bill McKenna (54-1527)

For course announcements and forum see accompanying Stellar website.